Council Tax Appeals

You can appeal against certain decisions that have been made about your Council Tax such as if:

  • you disagree with the valuation band of your property, if this is the case see our What Is a Valuation Band? page
  • you don't think that you are the liable person (either at all or over a given period of time)        
  • you disagree with the amount of discount given
  • you believe your property should be exempt

To appeal a decision you will need to be the person whose name is on the Council Tax bill, or 'an aggrieved person' (for example the administrator of an estate for someone who has died).

Your appeal must be made in writing and sent to the following address:

Council Tax
Anglia Revenues Partnership
Breckland House
IP24 1BT

What Happens Once I Have Made an Appeal?

Your council will have two months from the date they receive your appeal to make a decision and let you know. If your appeal is rejected or if your council doesn't respond, you can make a second appeal, this time to the Valuation Tribunal Service