Council Tax

Council Tax is a system of local taxation. If you are over 18 and own or rent your home then you will usually need to pay Council Tax. It is charged on all domestic properties and goes towards paying for local services such as education, waste and recycling, the police and fire service. You can make payments or manage your Council Tax account online 

The person whose name is on the Council tax bill is known as the 'liable person' or the 'liable people' if a couple both have their names on the bill. Council Tax is usually paid monthly over 10 months, you can ask for your Council Tax to be spread across 12 instead but you will need to discuss this with us first as each case is reviewed individually.

Your bill will show the date you need to make a payment by. You will be sent an automated reminder if a payment has been missed or has not been cleared. If you receive a reminder but you have since made a payment then you can ignore it. However, you should ensure that all payments are made by their due dates. Find out more about understanding your Council Tax bill

Some people are eligible for discounts on their Council Tax and others may be exempt. You can find out more by reading the pages below.

Statutory information about Council Tax can be found in the Related Documents sections at the bottom of this page.