Housing Benefit

Housing Benefit is a payment you receive to help you pay part or all of your rent. It is only available to people who rent their homes and who are on a low income or receiving benefits. If you have more than £16,000 in savings then you will not be eligible for Housing Benefit.

Housing Benefit is available whether you work, are unemployed or retired. How much you are entitled to will depend on your circumstances.

Housing Benefit should cover any service charges that must be paid if you are living at that property such as maintaining a communal area. It does not cover costs such as heating, water, gas or electricity.

Housing Benefit & Universal Credit:

From 25th May 2016 Universal Credit Full Service will initially cover postcodes NR32, NR33, NR34 4 and IP19 1. For working age customers that rent a property in one of these postcodes, you will no longer claim Housing Benefit. Instead you will claim Universal credit.

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Privately Renting

If you rent your home from a private landlord and you are eligible for Housing Benefit, the amount of benefit you can receive is based on Local Housing Allowance rules