How Much LHA Could I Get?

The amount of money you can receive under Local Housing Allowance rules depends on:

When these factors have been considered, you will be awarded the current Local Housing Allowance rate - these are shown in the table below.

Broad Rate Market Area (BRMA - where your property is located)Shared rate1 bedroom rate2 bedroom rate3 bedroom rate4 bedroom rate
Bury St Edmunds£64.14£102.25£126.31£150.36£216
Central Norfolk and Norwich£61.45£92.98£116.52£135.36£184.11
Lowestoft and Great Yarmouth£64.50£86.23£104.89£117.70£149.17
Kings Lynn£53.67£90.64£112.21£129.47£163.16

You can also find out what that is by following the link below to DirectGov's Local Housing Allowance Rates calculator. You will need to know how many bedrooms you are entitled to, your postcode or local council and the month your claim starts.