Can I Claim Housing Benefit for Two Homes?

Sometimes you can claim Housing Benefit for two homes. You will usually only be able to claim this for a limited time. Reasons why you might need to claim benefit on two homes could be because:

  • You cannot avoid it – you will need to show that you had to accept the tenancy on your new home before your old tenancy ran out.
  • You are waiting for adaptations – if you or a member of your family is disabled and you are waiting for your new home to be adapted.
  • You left your home because of fear of violence – if you have moved because of violence or abuse in your old home. The violence and abuse does not need to be caused by a family member, it could be fear of violence from your neighbours.
  • Your family is too big for one home – if you have been placed in two homes because a big enough single property could not be found.

If any of these apply to you, please contact us.