How Is Housing Benefit Paid?

Housing Benefit will usually be paid directly into your bank or building society account. It is usually paid every four weeks, in arrears - this means it is paid to you after your rent is due.

If your landlord is a housing association then we can pay your Housing Benefit directly to them if you want us to. If you rent privately your Housing Benefit will usually be paid to you and you will have to make arrangements to pay your landlord. In some cases Housing Benefit may be paid directly to your landlord's bank or building society account. This may be the case if you have difficulty in managing your finances.

Whether you rent privately or rent social housing, if you are more than eight weeks in arrears with your rent (eight weeks behind with your payments) then your landlord may make a request for us to pay your Housing Benefit directly to them.

Provide new bank account details for payment of your Housing Benefit.


Universal Credit

Universal Credit is paid into your bank or building society account each month. It is a single monthly payment which means it is your responsibility to budget your expenses such as rent.

If you would like help or advice with managing money visit the Money Advice Service online tool or visit our Advice on Money Management page.