How Is LHA Calculated?

The amount of money you can receive under Local Housing Allowance rules will depend on:        

Number of Bedrooms You Are Entitled To

If you are making a claim for Housing Benefit, you will qualify for one bedroom for:

  • Every adult couple (whether you are married, unmarried or in a civil partnership)
  • Any other adult aged 16 or over
  • Any two children under 10
  • Any two children of the same sex under 16
  • Any other child who cannot share because all the other bedrooms are taken (for example if you have three children and two are sharing already)

Find out how many bedrooms you are entitled to by using the DirectGov bedroom calculator

Where You Live

To work out Local Housing Allowance, areas are divided into Broad Rental Market Areas (BRMA).

A BRMA is not the same as the area that is covered by your local council. For example, there could be three councils within one BRMA area. In this case who your local council is will be determined by your postcode.

The maps listed below show the BRMAs covered by the councils in the Anglia Revenues Partnership  

Your Age and Circumstances

Single and under 35

  • If you are single and under 35 you will usually only qualify for the 'shared accommodation' rate. You will only be eligible for the one bedroom rate if:
  • you are entitled to the severe disability premium         
  • you have a boarder, lodger or other non-dependant living in your property    
  • you have an overnight carer    
  • you are between 25 and 35 and have spent at least three months in a homeless hostel    
  • you are between 25 and 35 and are an ex offender subject to Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements (MAPPA)

Couples Under 35 with No Children

Couples under 35 with no children will receive the shared accommodation rate if they only have exclusive use of one room. You are eligible for the one bedroom rate if you have exclusive use of two rooms or one room and bathroom/toilet and kitchen/cooking facilities.

Singles and Couples (with No Children) Over 35

If you are single and over 35, or if you are a couple living together (with no dependent children) then you will be eligible for the one bedroom property rate. You must be living in a property that is at least one bedroom and where you have exclusive use of a bathroom and kitchen and at least one other room. If you don't then you will only be eligible for the shared accommodation rate.

If You Are Under 22 and Have Left Care

If you have no dependent children and you are under 22 and you have left care then you will be eligible for the one bedroom rate. You will also be eligible for the one bedroom rate if this applies to your partner. Once you are over 22 then the rules for single people under 35 will apply to you.