Council tax energy rebate information

Government council tax rebate grant to help with rising energy bills

In February 2022 the Government announced that a council tax rebate grant of £150 will be paid to households in council tax bands A to D in England.

Further information about the main scheme payments.

Discretionary Scheme

In February 2022 the Government announced that a Council Tax rebate grant of £150 will be paid to households in Council Tax bands A to D in England, or those in band E in receipt of a disabled band reduction.

This announcement also confirmed that the Council could set up its own Discretionary Scheme to provide assistance to households living in E to H band properties or to provide additional assistance to those suffering financial hardship in band A to D properties.

Criteria for the final phase of the discretionary scheme:

  • You have received an exceptional hardship payment (EHP) on or after 17 February 2022 or a discretionary housing payment (DHP) on or after 1 April 2022, and
  • You are currently liable to pay council tax at a property in the East Suffolk, West Suffolk, Breckland, Fenland or East Cambridgeshire area.

What happens next

We will write to you if you are eligible for this payment.  We will then apply the council tax rebate payment to your Council Tax account before 30 November 2022 and a revised copy of your bill will then be sent to you. If your Council Tax account is then in credit, the bill that will be sent to you will have a link to our online Council Tax credit refund form for you to be able to claim this.

Please note: The individual Councils nor ARP will phone you and ask for bank details. Our advisors at ARP will only help you to complete a form and take your bank details if you phone our helpline and request this.

More information regarding the discretionary scheme which ended 31 October 2022.