Report Fraud

If you know or suspect anyone committing benefit fraud, tell us.

Telephone the Benefit Fraud Helpline – confidential and free: 0800 515368

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Benefit Fraud

Benefit fraud is a criminal offence and you could be imprisoned if you are guilty of claiming money when you are not entitled to. Types of benefit fraud include:

  • Working and claiming fraud – when claimants are working but are still receiving benefits such as Jobseeker's Allowance.
  • Non-disclosure of property or capital – when claimants do not tell us about all their savings or property.
  • Non-disclosure of income – when the claimant purposely does not tell us about all of their income knowing that it might affect their benefit.
  • Non-disclosure of a partner – when claimants do not tell us that they are living with a partner knowing that this could affect their benefit.

Council Tax Fraud

It can also be a criminal offence of fraud to try to avoid paying Council Tax by giving false information to the Council or by not telling the Council about any changes that might affect how much Council Tax is due.

Examples of the different kinds of Council Tax fraud include:

  • Providing false or incorrect information when applying for Council Tax Support
  • Claiming a Single Person discount when other adults are living at the property
  • Claiming a Student discount or exemption when not enrolled on a course of full-time education or not declaring non-students are resident at the property
  • Giving false information to claim a discount, exemption or other reduction
  • Not telling the Council when a discount or other reduction should be cancelled

The Council takes Council Tax fraud very seriously and will investigate any suspected case of fraud. Where fraud is proven the Council will take action against the person committing fraud. This can include prosecuting offenders.

Other types of Fraud

The Anglia Revenues Partnership will continue to investigate other types of fraud such as;

  • Council Tax Fraud – including Council Tax Support
  • Housing Fraud – including non-residency, sub-letting and false succession rights