Holiday Lets

Self Catering

Self-catering accommodation made available for holiday lettings for 140 days or more a year are subject to business rates.

Bed and Breakfast

Business rates also generally apply to bed and breakfast establishments unless:

  • the business does not intend to offer short-stay accommodation to more than six people simultaneously  and
  • you occupy part of the property as your only or main home and letting rooms are subsidiary to use of the rest of the house as your home.

Valuation Office Agency

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) assesses the rateable value of all business and non-domestic property in England and Wales. For specific information about holiday lets and bed and breakfast accommodation go to Holiday Lets/Self Catering.

Calculating the rateable value is complex and is based on the property type, size, location and number of people it can sleep. If you want to check the rateable value of your property you can visit the VOA website.

Your local council uses the rateable value to calculate the business rates you pay. If you have any questions about paying your business rates you can contact us by email.