Tell Us About Other Changes

You must tell us if your circumstances change within one month of it happening. This also includes any change in circumstances of the people that live with you.  

A change could affect the amount of Council Tax you pay. If you don't tell us about a change and you receive an overpayment of a discount or exemption as a result, you will be responsible for paying it back and could also face prosecution.

Some changes that may affect your Council Tax account could include:

  • You change address.
  • If your property is empty and has become occupied or if your property is occupied and becomes empty.
  • You change your contact details (Name, e-mail, telephone number etc.).
  • Someone moves in or out of your property.
  • A child turns 18.
  • You are receiving a discount and there is a change in circumstances e.g. at student finishes their course.
  • Any other changes that may affect your Council Tax charge.