Other Disregards

You may be exempt from paying Council Tax, if you are:

  • A child benefit recipient or school/college leaver (only applies to those aged between 18 and 20 years)
  • A hospital patient whose sole or main residence in an NHS hospital where you are receiving care or treatment
  • Members of international defence organisations
  • Members of religious communities—the principle occupation must be prayer, contemplation, education or relief of suffering, the individual must have no income or capital of their own
  • Non British spouses of students, who are prevented by Immigration Regulations from taking paid employment or claiming state benefits
  • A resident of a hostel or night shelter
  • A youth training trainee - someone age 25 or under, on a training programme funded by the Learning Skills Council


To apply for a reduction or discount visit our Do it online page, choose your council and then select Apply for Discounts and Exemption.