Claim a Council Tax Refund

Request a refund on your Council Tax account

If your Council Tax account is in credit you can request a refund to be paid into your bank account. Refunds cannot be paid by cheque. Your account could be in credit if you have:

  • overpaid
  • moved out of the property
  • been awarded a discount or exemption
  • been awarded council tax support
  • had the band of your property reduced

Once you have completed the form, we will consider your request within 20 working days.

If you owe further monies to the council (for example, Housing Benefit Overpayment, business rates and so on) you have the option to offset your credit against the debt. We will write to you if you do have any further debts.

We can only issue refunds to one person named on the Council Tax bill. We cannot make refunds to more than one person. If more than one person applies for a refund, then whoever returns the form first will receive the refund and will be responsible for distributing it to any other party named on the Council Tax bill.