Housing Benefit Overpayments

A benefit overpayment is when you are given more money than you are entitled to. This may happen if we don't know your circumstances have changed. In most cases we will expect you to pay back any money you were not entitled to.

If you have been overpaid Housing Benefit, you should pay the full amount shown on your invoice as soon as possible, following the instructions of how to pay as shown on your invoice.

Making a Payment

To pay your overpayment online, please ensure you choose the correct authority from the following payment links. Should you be unsure, you can check a recent Benefit or Housing Benefit Overpayment letter where this should be stated. Alternatively, you can contact us asking for an arrangement to be set up for you.

If you cannot pay the pay the full amount straight away, you can spread payments through an affordable instalment plan.

For us to consider a payment instalment plan, you need to Contact us to request an income and expenditure form.

After we have received the income and expenditure information, we will contact you to discuss the practical options available to you.