Housing Benefit Appeals and Revisions

If you disagree with a decision that has been made about your Housing Benefit or a previous decision about your Council Tax Benefit (before it was replaced by Council Tax Reduction) then you can ask for:      

  • a statement of reasons explaining why a particular decision was made     
  • a revision         
  • a formal appeal

You have one month from the date a decision was made to challenge it in writing (the date is shown on the letter notifying you of the decision). In some circumstances we will accept challenges and appeals up to 13 months after a decision was made. If this is the case you must be able to show good cause for not querying a decision earlier (for example if you have been in hospital).

Only the person receiving the benefit (or their nominated representative) can query benefit calculations or challenge a decision. Landlords and agents who receive benefit payments directly can only query or appeal about who the payment is made to. They will not be able to make appeals about the amount of benefit received.

Asking for a Statement of Reasons

Before asking us to consider revising a decision or before making a formal appeal you can ask us to give you a 'statement of reasons'. This is a written statement explaining why a certain decision about your Housing Benefit  was made. Requesting this statement of reasons will not count towards the one month time limit for a formal appeal.       

To request a statement of reasons you can complete this benefits revision and appeal form or simply submit a letter or email.

Asking Us to Revise a Decision

If you want a decision to be revised you must ask in writing and within one month from when that it was made. To request a revision you can complete this benefits revision and appeal form or simply submit a letter or email.

Making a Formal Appeal

If you are not happy with a revised decision then you can make a formal appeal. Ensure you have requested a statement of reasons from us first - this will give you an explanation of why certain decisions were made. To make a formal appeal you can complete this benefits revision and appeal form or simply submit a letter or email.

You will need to make a formal appeal within one month of a decision or revised decision being made. Your appeal will then be passed on to HM Courts and Tribunals Service where your case will be examined.

What Happens If I Appeal?

Your case will be examined by the Tribunals Service. Tribunals are split into two tiers – the first and upper - your case will be heard by the first tier of your local tribunal service. You will be told in writing the date, time and place of the hearing and you will be given the choice of attending or not.

If you disagree with the decision made by the first tier then you have the right of appeal and your case will be reviewed by the upper tier tribunal service. Any further appeal must be made to the High Court and only with permission by the upper tier tribunals service. You must show that there has been a mistake in the law for your appeal to go to the High Court.